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Looking for top attractions in Oroville around the Sunset Inn Lake Oroville, but not sure where to start? From Riverbend Park to Butte Creek Watershed Overlook that make this property preferred choice for guest visiting these attractions.

Discover the best sights and activities close to Sunset Inn Lake Oroville with this top attractions list!

Riverbend Park

Riverbend Park is a beautiful and well-maintained park in Oroville. The park has a variety of amenities, including a playground, a basketball court, a track, and several picnic areas. The park is also home to the Oroville Zoo.

0.43 miles away

C F Lott Historic Home

Located in Oroville, California, the C F Lott Historic Home is one of the oldest surviving Victorian-style homes in the area. The home features a distinctive bell tower and wraparound porch and is now a museum dedicated to the history of Oroville. The museum is open on weekends from May through October and features rotating exhibits that focus on local history.

0.52 miles away

Pioneer History Museum

Located in Oroville, California, the Pioneer History Museum preserves the history of the area and its people through exhibits and collections. The museum is open every day except Christmas and Thanksgiving and offers tours for school groups and other groups.

The Pioneer History Museum was opened in 1932. The museum’s collection includes artifacts from Oroville’s early days, photos, and documents from the area’s many settlers. The museum also houses a library with books about Oroville and the surrounding area.

The Pioneer History Museum is open every day except Christmas and Thanksgiving, and offers tours for school groups and other groups.

1.24 miles away

The Last Yahi Indian

The Yahi Indian Cultural Center is a last remaining vestige of the Yahi people, who once lived in the region. The center is dedicated to preserving and presenting the Yahi heritage. The center offers exhibits on traditional Yahi culture, as well as classes and workshops on Yahi language and history. Guided tours are available.

2.63 miles away

Mother Orange Tree of Butte County

The Mother Orange Tree is a historical landmark in Oroville, California. The tree is located at the north end of Butte County Courthouse Square. The tree was designated a historic landmark.

The Mother Orange Tree is associated with the history of Oroville and Butte County. It was first grown in Oroville. The tree became an important part of the community and was used as a symbol of Oroville's German heritage.

Today, the Mother Orange Tree is an important part of the community and continues to be used as a symbol of Oroville's German heritage.

3.52 miles away

Bermuda Falls

Bermuda Falls is a popular tourist attraction in Butte Valley, California, United States. The falls are located in the town of Bermuda, which is situated at an elevation of 2,500 feet (760 m). The falls are formed from the confluence of two tributaries, the North Fork and the South Fork Feather River. The falls drop about 85 feet (26 m) over a distance of about 1 mile (1.6 km).

4.22 miles away

Lake Oroville State Rec Area

Located in Oroville, California, the Lake Oroville State Recreation Area offers visitors a wide variety of activities and attractions. The recreation area is home to the Feather River Dam, which regulates water levels in the Feather River. The reservoir was formed by the construction of the dam and provides recreational opportunities for fishing, boating, swimming, and hiking. Visitors can also enjoy views of the dam from several observation decks. The recreation area also contains a golf course, a driving range, and a campground.

5.75 miles away

Kelly Ridge Recreation Area

Kelly Ridge Recreation Area Park is located in Oroville East, California. The park has a playground, a baseball diamond, a horseshoe pit, and a picnic area. The park is open from sunrise to sunset.

6.14 miles away

Phantom Falls

Phantom Falls is a beautiful tourist attraction located in the Sierra Nevada mountains in California. The falls are fed by the Carson River and are a popular spot for photographers and tourists. The falls can be seen from various points along the Carson River Road, which winds its way alongside the river. The road is a bit rugged, so be prepared for some uphill hiking.

7.38 miles away

Barry R. Kirshner Wildlife Sanctuary

The Barry R. Kirshner Wildlife Sanctuary Oroville is a conservation area in eastern California that encompasses wetlands, oak woodland, and riparian habitats. The sanctuary is dedicated to the preservation of wildlife and their habitat.

The sanctuary features a variety of species, including upland game birds, deer, bobcats, raccoons, and river otters. Visitors can enjoy hiking and biking trails, as well as fishing opportunities in the reservoir.

10.57 miles away

Butte Creek Watershed Overlook

The Butte Creek Watershed Overlook is a scenic spot in California that offers sweeping views of the area. The overlook is located near Susanville in the Sierra Nevada mountain range. The overlook is open to the public and features picnic areas, a visitor center, and a short hiking trail. The hike leads visitors through an old-growth forest and along the banks of Butte Creek.

16.86 miles away

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